Who Is Jex?

She’s a 16-year-old, New Jersey native forced to spend summers with the homicide detective father she barely knows. A self-absorbed lawman who works the Vegas strip, John Malone knows how to bust criminals, but he’s in “officer needs assistance” mode when it comes to having a real relationship with his daughter.

Now that Jex is older, he’s finally enforcing a court order that mandates that his daughter spend the all of her summers with him until she is of age. For Jex, it’s like being sent to a lockup.

Anticipating this will be the worst summer of her entire life, she arrives in scorching hot Nevada and meets three equally bored-to-death 16-year-old girls in the neighborhood. Looking for something to amuse themselves, they dig into Det. Malone’s cold case files…and hello, vanished girl who lived around the corner once upon a time ago.

It was 13 years ago when a teenager named Patty, a girl with dark secrets, disappeared into thin air on a hot summer night. Jex and her friends decide to pursue the case despite a trail of evidence that puts them at risk of becoming victims themselves.