Bollywood and Fall Fashion: An Unlikely Duo

By Deva Patel on Sep 09, 2014 at 01:39 PM in Deva's Fashionista Picks

Can we discuss the challenges of Fall Fashion in the desert? While everyone else is picking out their cute sweaters and new pairs of equestrian boots, those of us who live in the Sun Belt (and that's not a fashion term) can only look longingly at the fall fashion magazines and dream of what we might wear - maybe in December, if we're lucky.

So how do you do fall style when the thermometer is still pushing above 90 degrees? Well, you can take a few tips from the style experts over at Seventeen Magazine's Fall Fashion preview 2014 who are starting off with lots of light fabrics, a few pastels and some amazing accessories. My advice is keep the outfight lightweight and put the emphasis on the accessories and your hair until the mercury drops. And then go all out and make up for lost time!

Or, you can take some style tips from some ladies who are always hotter than the weather, even when its REALLY hot! Being a giant Bollywood fan, I've noticed that the Bollywood Babes never break a sweat no matter how hot it gets. Exhibit one: My all-time fave Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra (I know she's yours too!) who just never, ever misses even when surging temps try to take her down.

Check out this fantastic sweater she pulled off this year in Tampa, of all places (my dear friend V.C. Stanley just happened to be there and took these great pics of her, lucky girl):

Priyanka one

And look at this perfect ponytail she's got going - is that not the best! So simple, so fantastic - so elegant. That's what makes her my fashion icon!

Bollywood and Fall Fashion: An Unlikely Duo
A practically perfect ponytail!

So go forth and style. And remember - never let them see you sweat!